1 TB External HDD with $5 million worth of files displayed

Posted on Aug 26 2011 - 4:14pm by Thomas Sharp

Art is about the freedom to express yourself, which often results in controversial pieces that push the boundaries of decency and challenge the social norms. Art comes in all sorts of forms, it can be auditory (music) or visual (paintings, sculptures, etc.) and anything one can think of. Tech website TheNextWeb came across a piece of art called the “5 Million Dollars, 1 Terabyte,” which simply consists of a 1 TB external hard disk drive parked on a white pedestal.

The $5 Million, 1 Terabyte artwork, which can be found at the Art 404 gallery, is an external hard drive that has $5 million worth of pirated files. Should it be called an art form? We don’t know either.

According to the exhibit’s PDF document, the external hard drive has 21 GB worth of pirated font collection, Mac and PC versions of Adobe Creative Suite, Autocad 2011, 137 GB worth of Nintendo DS roms, 125 GB of music collection, $3 million worth of fiction books, and many more. There’s also a tinyurl attached to each of the files that indicate that it may still be connected to the Internet.

After checking out some of the PDF file’s tinyurl links, the addresses point out to torrents located on The Pirate Bay. With that, the files are stored on other servers and not in the hard drive as seen on Art 404. The Next Web jokingly said, “There might be a lesson in this for illegal downloaders. If you get busted, just say that your hard drive is a work of art, and see if you can skate.”


via: The Next Web

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