10 Quick Tips for iPhone Owners

Posted on Feb 17 2011 - 4:13pm by Paul

Everyone who owns an iPhone wants to get the best possible use out of it, and while a lot of the functions are easy enough to work here are 10 you might not be aware of.

1.Get out of a frozen application.

If your iPhone has frozen during a game or program then you need to hold down the home button for 6 seconds or so and it will quit the app. If this doesn’t work you can safely reboot your iPhone by simultaneously holding the home and power button down until the Apple logo appears.

2.Take a screen shot of your iPhone’s screen

If you press and hold the home button and then press the power button the screen will flash briefly and the current screen will be saved to your collection of images.

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3.Save pictures from Internet and Mail application

You need to hold down the image and then you will be presented with a list of options, from which you can choose to save it. The image will move to your “saved photos” folder.

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4.Find more punctuation marks

You need to hold down the punctuations mark key to get up a list of the different ones available.

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5.Choose an internet domain other than .com

Simply press and hold the “.com” button until you get a list of the “.org”, “.net” etc endings.

6.Restrict content

To restrict the applications which others users can access then go to “general – restrictions” and choose “enable restrictions”. Here is where you need to put in a code to make the restriction effective.

7.Lose the SMS preview

If you would rather just see a “new text message” advice pop up then you can change it by doing the following. Hop along to general – password lock and put in a 4 digit code. Now you can choose to de-select “show SMS preview”.

8.Change the home button destination

You need to go to “settings”, then “general” then “home button”. Here you can choose where a home button double click will send you to.

9.Phone a number from Safari

Instead of writing down the number and dialling it you just need to click on it and let the iPhone phone it from the current location.

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10.  Get the scientific calculator

If you want the full scientific calculator with “sin”, “cos” and “tan” etc then go into the calculator and turn your phone round into landscape mode.

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