100MB Broadband Coming Soon To Bournemouth Residents

Posted on May 7 2008 - 7:23pm by Richard Sharp

H2O Using Sewer Network To Install 100MB BroadbandI’m sure there are plenty of incredible reasons to live in Bournemouth, and H2O have released news that offers yet another. H20 intend to pioneer super fast broadband cables that run through the sewer system within the Dorset town with more towns to be announced in the near future. Companies have been toying with methods to deliver improved Broadband speeds to the country’s residents, and using the sewer seems one of the more viable and cost effective methods.

Work will begin on the network that is currently being offered to businesses, within the next 6 months. This means that residents will be able to enjoy super fast broadband (a term regularly thrown about by Broadband providers already) of up to 100MB.

Ofcom has been at the head of research to develop methods that offer improved Broadband. This action has been taken because the UK has one of the poorest Broadband options in Europe. In other European countries residents can already enjoy the kinds of Broadband connection that H20 wants to develop.

Increased Broadband, like this, will mean greater possibilities of on-demand HD TV and other services that are currently restricted by poor Internet connections. Virgin Broadband currently offers residents up to 24MB broadband and aim to increase their entire network to speeds of 50MB by the end of this year.

Source – BBC Technology News

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  1. C4L May 16, 2008 at 1:41 pm - Reply

    In addition to this, C4L.co.uk will be running 100 Gbps of connectivity into Bournemouth prior to this service going live. We have plans to increase this to 800 Gbps when required (enough to run 400,000 homes on 100Mbps 50:1 ratio) which will significantly increase connectivity in Bournemouth and the local area. The core of this service will be at our Bournemouth data centre which will be launched later in the year. Here we are running the connectivity down to enable the most cost effective line solutions in time for the release of pricing. Circuits will be available back to London for any ISP’s wishing to use their own bandwidth/networks. We will also be offering 100Mbps, 1000Mbps and 10GigE 1:1 to premises for Business. More details will be provided soon.

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