15 Interesting Apple OS 4 Apps

Posted on Jun 28 2010 - 2:53pm by Richard Sharp

When you talk about a gadget with some many great and innovative apps everyone is going to have their own favourite ones. Let me tell you about some of the more interesting ones out there;

1)    Hundred PushUps. If the thought of a six week work out program brings you out in a cold sweat you might want to avoid this one.

2)    Scrabble. Relive bygone Christmas mornings when your Uncle Mike made up words like “flamblastergation” just to beat a small child at a word game. The old scoundrel.

3)    Knot guide. Great for boy scouts, sailors and people who don’t like to leave loose ends lying around.  Comes with picture and video guides.

4)    AccuTerra. Over 220,000 miles of walks and trails are covered in this app. If your map reading skills are as good as mine then you can download the map you want get lost anyway and then stagger up to the first person you come across, wildly flashing your iPhone map in their face.

5)    Open Table. The easy way to make restaurant reservations through Apple OS 4 apps.

6)    Couch to 5k. How to turn from a couch potato into a lean running machine.

7)    Jamie Oliver. Yes, the cheeky fresh faced cook is on an iPhone near you.

8)    Pandora Radio. This iPhone app offers a huge variety of types of music and you can easily skip the ones you don’t like.

9)    Salesforce Mobile. You know you would really rather listen to the radio or learn a couple of new knot variations but you should just open one more opportunity and close a couple of negotiations first.

10) The Simpson Arcade. They are everywhere else so why not on the Apple OS 4 apps? I guarantee donuts and clowns.

11) Yoga Stretch. Find inner peace and keep fit at the same time.

12) 1 Password. How to keep all your passwords in one place.

13)  Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook. Quieres hablar con la gente durante tus viajes? Así de fácil.

14) Where. A great collection of ideas of where to go and what to do in different places.

15) PayPal. Now there is no excuse for not paying your debts.

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