19 New NTT Docomo Handsets

Posted on May 27 2008 - 10:05am by Richard Sharp

NTT Docomo Mobile PhonesThe Japanese aren’t exactly famed for doing things in small measures when it comes to technology. While the rest of the world waits with baited breath for the next release of the iPhone, the Japanese manufacturer NTT Docomo has announced 19 new handsets showcasing some incredible and ingenious features. They’re not exactly hanging around with release dates either.

The all-round 906i releases, of which there are 8 in total, include 1-seg mobile TV, improved GPS performance, 3G roaming, mobile credit card facilities, and voice to text translations in three languages. The first five of these handsets are due for release between 1st and 5th June with the remainder coming throughout the rest of the month.

The 706i series has 11 new entries. Again, all include 1-seg mobile TV but has some fantastic additions including the world’s slimmest 1-seg phone, a waterproof 1-seg phone, and a mobile phone that monitors your dietary and health condition. The release of the 706i series handsets is slightly more staggered from June to September but remarkable nonetheless.

The contrast in UK and Japanese releases is somewhat staggering. We wait anxiously for the probable (though not guaranteed) release of a single phone while the Japanese are being treated to 19 innovative new handsets.

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