1TB USB Hard Drive For £115

Posted on May 5 2008 - 6:07pm by Richard Sharp

Trekstor 1TB External Hard Drive - That's A Lot Of MP3External hard drives offer an excellent method of backing up essential data, and storing everyday data. Size restrictions are pretty much non existent and even the price of 1TB external drives are more than reasonable if you shop around. The Trekstor Datastation duo is the perfect example offering 1TB of secure storage for £115.

1TB offers you more than ample room to store pretty much everything you currently have without needing to upgrade any time soon. SUB 2.0 connectivity ensures good performance with 24.5MB/s and 16.0MB/s download and upload speed as well as a 16MB buffer size.

Power consumption is low, while it’s a happily quiet beast to run. For anybody that appreciates the importance of backing up data, making a copy of your hard drive, or simply needs more storage capabilities, this offering from Trekstor looks to be the perfect solution.

More and more mass storage external hard drives are becoming available, and the prices are happily affordable but this looks to be one of the best deals available – pixmania is the site currently responsible for this offer, although it can be purchased via Amazon as well (still from pixmania) if you’d prefer.

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