2 New NVIDIA Graphics Cards

Posted on Aug 3 2008 - 2:07pm by Richard Sharp

NVIDIA 9M Graphisc Cards - 9700M & 9800MIf you’re looking for high quality graphics cards for laptops or desktops, then NVIDIA is the name that you would usually look for first. They have consistently produced exceptional quality and continue to push the boundaries in computer graphics, even if you do have to pay a premium for the privilege. They have announced the release of two new graphics cards that will further enhance the graphical capabilities of your laptop computer.

The 9M Series NVIDIA graphics cards are receiving two new additions in the 9700M and 9800M use the parallel processing design in order to deliver exceptional 3D graphics. PhysX technology from NVIDIA helps to deliver 3D graphics in real time, with the end result being excellent 3D graphics delivered quickly reducing lag and frame rate issues that can sometimes be experienced with the most demanding graphics applications.

The two 9M series graphics cards also use new technologies to reduce the operating temperature of the cards, improve battery life, and reduce the noise. Video playback technologies include PureVideo HD technology to improve video quality such as the colour and contrast. While the two graphics cards offer excellent quality for any type of application, it’s gamers that typically benefit and the SLI multi GPU delivers an even higher quality of graphics especially for notebooks.

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