200 Million Song Pod coming soon?

Posted on Apr 20 2008 - 9:55pm by Paul

After IBM’s recent announcement of their non-volatile memory technology, researchers at the University of Glasgow (Scotland) have upped the ante by several hundred percent Operating at fractions of a nanometer, functional nanoclusters shift electrons and act like switches which can increase storage capacity without increasing size.

Professor Lee Cronin from the University’s chemistry department proudly exclaimed, “This is unprecedented and provides a route to produce new a molecule-based switch that can be easily manipulated using an electric field.” At that point I became uninterested in the science and started considering how long it would take to download 200 million songs. In an age when HD space is barely an issue for the average consumer, and online storage options like Flickr for photos, Youtube for video, and Google for anything, what overall effect would this have on our daily lives?

Non-volative memory implies the lack of moving parts, but how secure will this new nanotechnology be centered around electric fields? Will I need to become a moving Faraday cage to keep my data from frying out in the elements?

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