Rovio releases the new Angry Birds Space

Posted on Mar 23 2012 - 4:22am by Julius

A new Angry Birds game has been released today and is set to take mobile app developer Rovio to places beyond one’s reach.

Angry Birds Space was released concurrently on iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac and PCs.

The new game takes place in Space, where players launch birds whose trajectory can be altered by nearby planets’ gravitational pull.

“We’ve been working with NASA for quite a while already and they’re very keen in cooperating with us,” said Tiina Mikkonen, Rovio’s senior account manager, at the game’s launch event in a Helsinki shopping mall. “We got this astronaut Don Pettit in space to cooperate around the launch … They’ve been helping us with all the physics-related questions around space and gravity.”

The original game involved using a slingshot to shoot birds at structures built by green pigs. The simple gameplay and the cute characters made the game the most popular mobile game in history. The franchise’s merchandise and media tie-ins made millions for its creators.

Owners of the new Apple iPad will be glad to know that the new game is optimized for the device’s high resolution display.

Angry Birds Space is now available and costs $0.99 for the iPod Touch and iPhone, $5 on the Mac App Store, $3 for the iPad. Windows users can but it from Rovio for $6. Android users can download the ad-supported version for free at Google Play.


via: PC World

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