24Hr Laptop Battery Life

Posted on Sep 12 2008 - 5:15am by Richard Sharp

The EliteBook With 24hr Battery LifeNot only do Solid State Drives (SSD) sound like something incredibly cool off Star Trek (yes, that is possible) but it is actually being implemented in ways that show off what it was designed for. Hewlett Packard (HP) has developed a laptop that uses several features in order to offer an extremely impressive 24 hour battery life.

HP has happily pointed out that it’s the equivalent of ten trips in the Eurostar between London and Paris, although unless you’re the driver of the damn thing I can’t imagine why you would want to make ten trips without charging your laptop battery. And that raises the question of whether the driver should really be using his laptop constantly during the journey (you can’t even eat a Kit Kat when you’re driving).

The EliteBook 6930p uses an ultra-capacity battery but also relies on the SSD to deliver the right level of performance at manageable loads. The basic set up won’t bag you 24 hours though, and you need to pay the extra for the big battery and opt for the 80GB SSD in order to get all that juice off a single charge.

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