3D broadcasting investigated by Freesat

Posted on Apr 27 2010 - 8:05am by simon

There is a chance that 3D content could be available to the British public on a subscription-free basis via Freesat, if the firm is able to get through its current investigations into bringing the technology to its users.

The managing director of Freesat, Emma Scott, recently said that she was greatly anticipating the opportunity to bring 3D films and programs to Freesat users in the future. She also revealed that there was currently an active investigation into whether it would be possible to offer 3D services in the future.

Current Freesat technology is apparently compatible with 3D signals, which means that anyone who owns a Freesat HD set top box may be able to enjoy free 3D content in the future as broadcasters adopt it and sales of 3D TVs reach suitably high levels.

At the moment the only broadcaster completely committed to 3D is Sky. Its 3D channel is launching for consumers in the near future and live sports are already shown in 3D in pubs around the UK.

Other UK broadcasters will probably wait and see whether Sky is able to make a success out of its first 3D channel after which many more 3D stations are likely to emerge, with Freesat bringing the technology to a broader audience.

Freesat has also commented on the threat posed by Freeview HD, which is bringing high definition channels to consumers via their existing aerials. It said that the arrival of Channel 4’s HD service would make it competitive with Freeview HD. As the level of competition in both HD and 3D technologies seems set to increase, consumers should find that the offerings become ever more competitive.

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