3D Holographic Handset Displays Coming Soon

Posted on Jun 23 2008 - 4:18pm by Richard Sharp

Holographic Images R2 StyleInfosys, an Indian technology company, has successfully filed a patent for 3D holographic images that can be relayed over existing mobile communication networks. The technology essentially works by taking slices of 2D images and transmitting these unprocessed files down the mobile communication network. The device that receives the images will then process the data and recreate a 3D image.

Possible applications of the technology include the submission of critical crime scene data and even in a medical field. Once 2D snapshots have been taken using a photographic device (for example, a digital camera or even a digital camera phone), the images are transmitted over the mobile network and the Infosys handset would then apply mathematical algorithms called Fourier to transform the collection of images into a realistic 3D model.

The new technology is said to transmit and display 3D holographic images without any loss of resolution or quality. Even though 3D technology does currently exist, the end result is of greatly diminished quality but the new technology improves on this. US patents have been granted for the technology and Infosys handsets deploying this technology could be on the market as soon as 2010.


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