3D Printing Site to Offer Offer Medicine and Guns

Posted on Mar 25 2013 - 8:56pm by Robert

With 3D printing in the news a lot these days it seems like a fine time for a website which offers blueprints with come with no copyright restrictions.

The firm behind this initiative is called Defcad, although they have been called Pirate Bay by some people. The guy behind it has been in the news since a while back for designing 3D gun parts which could be printed off by gun fans all over the world.

They want to see their site end up as a “search engine for 3D printing”, although their idea of getting around copyright laws is sure to cause some hassles along the way.

Legal Challenges to the Gun Site

defcADThe man behind Defcad is a law student and crypto-anarchist (whatever that even means) who goes by the name of Cody Wilson. In 2012 he brought out his Defense Distributed idea, which is where the printable gun parts come from. There are currently legal challenges which might result in this site having to be closed, although they have released a video showing how an AR-15 build using 3D printing parts can fire off lots of rounds in a way which is just as scary as with a conventionally built weapon.

The site with the blueprints on it is called Defcad.org and it has had 400,000 blueprints downloaded from it since it went live. Its founder says that the 3D printing revolution will only happen if it can be “freed from corporate ties”.  He said that the site won’t include blueprints for “trinkets” but would focus instead on “important stuff” such as medicine and err guns.

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