3G iPhone Will Be Released In The UK In A Month And Will Cost $199

Posted on Jun 9 2008 - 9:04pm by Richard Sharp

3G Apple iPhone Release In JulyIt’s no surprise to learn that a 3G version of the iPhone is set to be launched by Apple (although it does give us a good reason to dust off the iPhone image again), with the vast majority of people predicting this would be one of the announcements made during the WWDC. Steve Jobs did, however, confirm the fact that It would support 3G networks and would also have GPS compatibility.

Perhaps a little more surprising, and certainly welcome, is the fact that the next generation of the most talked about smartphone will cost just $199, roughly £100, when it is released in just over a month on 11th July. That’s a fairly rapid release and a substantial reduction in price compared to the current iPhone when it was first released.

The iPhone (where available) still costs $399 having been reduced from its original price of $599. The $199 price tag, which will be consistent through the majority of countries where it will be on sale, will be for the smaller device with 8GB storage while the 16GB storage will cost $299.

There’s much more WWDC to go yet, and there’s certain to be more announcements to come so keep tuning in for the latest news.

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