5 Apps For Food Junkies

Posted on Aug 6 2010 - 11:28am by Matt Jackson

Whatever your love or addiction you can pretty much guarantee that there really is an app for that and while some may be completely pointless (which doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not a little bit fun too) others are genuinely useful and beneficial little applications to carry in your pocket. Here are 5 apps that every food junkie should consider.

1 – Ocado

We can’t find the Tesco app that lets you scan your food while you shop, working out how much you’ve spent and how many clubcard points you’ve earned (probably because it doesn’t yet exist) so in the meantime, the Ocado online shopping app will do. With 18,000 products you could (should the desire carry you) walk around Tesco without a trolley, see the stuff you want and then order something similar via Ocado. Alternatively, you could do your shopping in the bath, watching TV, or sat in the kitchen with a warm cup of coffee.

2 – Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals

Honestly, we put Jamie Oliver on a par with Bono in terms of being arrogantly annoying over his plight for forcing kids to eat good food even though we agree with the plight itself. But there’s no denying that his franchise is a good one and the 20 Minute Meals apponly disappoints in respect of the fact that there’s a fairly minimal 50 recipes.

3 – Epicurious

If 50 isn’t enough recipes then Epicurious is an ideal app for you. Browse over 25,000 recipes to find the perfect party meal or the ideal light lunch. Recipes are provided from jsut about everybody including restaurants and leading chefs.

4 – Grow Your Own

Perhaps not quite the app you thought it would be when you opened it, but Grow Your Own is from the Royal Horticultural Society and gives you in depth instructions and tools to help you pick what to grow. Go all Good Life with the Grow Your Own app.

5 – Cheeses

Who doesn’t love cheese? The chesses app gives you guides on more than 400 different types of cheese so unless you’ve got a really serious cheese party planned we doubt you’ll need any more. It even includes details on the fat content and the such, in case you care.

Which is your favourite foodie app?

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