5 Most Popular Facebook Pages

Posted on Sep 16 2010 - 10:18am by Matt Jackson

You would be forgiven for thinking that Facebook is filled with crap quizzes and boring groups. After all, if you have but a single active Facebook friend then that’s pretty much all you’ll see in terms of friend updates. However, there’s also some genuinely interesting pages as well as some just plain weird. Show your appreciation by liking pages of your favourite celebrities or joining those that offer genuinely useful¬†and regular updates.

1 – Texas Hold’em Poker

With just under 24m users nearly 5% or 1 in 20 Facebook registered users like the Texas Hold’em Poker page. If you’re like the average Facebook user, whoh as 130 friends, then this means that 6 or 7 of your friends will be a fan. This is actually a fan page for the Zynga Texas Hold’em Poker game which attracts around 35m monthly users.

2 – Michael Jackson

He might be dead but that’s not harmed his popularity any. The page itself is pretty standard although it does include a lot of pictures and a Discography as well as the official Sony Michael Jackson store.

3 – Facebook

Links for just about everything on Facebook as well as a slightly gushy tab of stories in every imaginable topic showing how wonderful Facebook apparently is. The Facebook Live tab shows video footage and details of Facebook Live events.

4 – Lady GaGa

18 million fans makes Lady GaGa the most popular living person on Facebook with their own page which is some going considering she’s fairly new to the whole scene. If it wasn’t for pictures of meat dresses it would be pretty similar to all musician pages with links to music, photos, press stuff, and a store.

5 – Family Guy

With only 1 million or so less fans than Lady GaGa, Family Guy is ludicrously popular. There’s a link to watch full episodes for US users and while there’s now a Family Guy UK page it doesn’t offer a similar function and boasts a considerably lower number of fans.

We feel special mention should go to House because with two pages, House and Dr House, the US sitcom featuring Hugh Laurie has a more than honourable 24m fans.

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