5 Questions and Answers on the Apple OSX Lion

Posted on Jun 11 2011 - 10:45am by Robert

The keynote speech at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference had an awful lot of time dedicated to the new OSX Lion. But what is it, what does it do, what does it look like, how much does it cost and where can you get hold of it? Let’s see if we can answer all of those questions.

What is it?

It is a Mac operating system. It has been designed to integrate with iCloud and other Apple devices to give the user a seamless Apple experience. It is the eighth major OSX release and we have been waiting for its official release for some time now.

What does it do?

There are a lot of new features on this operating system (more than 250 if you care to count) which are going to be very handy to Mac users. The one which has gained a lot of initial user approval is the full screen approach. This means that you can now at last put the main Mac apps into full screen mode and work or play without a clutter in the background. Apart from this, there is a resume feature which puts everything back the way it was after a restart and also the ability to go between different versions of a document. The Air Drop feature will let you send things easier just by dragging and dropping. You can also buy from the Mac app store from within any of the apps. There are also multi touch gestures and Mission Control, which lets you see everything currently running on your machine.

What does it look like?

Have you ever seen an operating system which is so pretty that you would like to take it out for an ice cream and a hot dog? That is what the OSX Lion looks like. The famous Apple fairy dust has been used to give a presentation which is slicker than slick and graphics which are highly attractive.

How much does it cost?

The Mac OSX Lion costs 30 US bucks, or £20.99 in the UK. If you want the Lion Server option then this will cost $50.

Where can I get hold of it?

The Mac App Store of course.  You won’t be able to buy in a shop anywhere, as there is no disc version of it. This means that if your Mac currently runs an operating system which doesn’t support the Mac App Store then it looks as though you will have to update it to the Snow Leopard version in order to get hold of the OSX Lion download. It will be on general release in July 2011 and a new Mac with this operating system on it should be out not too long after this.

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