5 Top Halloween Gadgets

Posted on Oct 30 2012 - 6:50pm by Robert

It might seem childish to get all dressed up and scare people but, hey, it’s fun. In the old days we had to rely on things like face paint and our mum’s old clothes but these days there are lots of fun gadgets to help us out too.

Sound and Music Activated T-Shirt

This black t-shirt has a rather creepy looking pumpkin face on it. However, the Halloween secret is in the battery pack. This lets the pumpkin act as a spectrum VU meter when it hears any sounds. It might not scare many people but it is pretty cool.

Crystal Skull Glass

The name tells you what this one is all about. When you fill it – preferably with red stuff – the skull inside the glass fills up rather scarily. Low tech it may be but we like it.

Electronic Serial Killer Shower Curtain

We need to admit that Psycho is a film which terrified us all once upon a time. Now you can tremble in fear in your own shower with a curtain which features worrying sound effects and blood stains. At least your partner or kids won’t spend as long in the shower now.

Shock Your Friend Key Ring

The old jokes are indeed the best and nothing beats handing a mate something which will give them an amusing shock. It’s even better when you can hang our keys off it.

Ghost Detecting Phone Gadget

So, you hook this onto your mobile phone and then it detects ghosts and says something in Japanese. If you have any friends from the land of the Rising Sun they will probably be frightened by what it says but non Japanese speakers may just be confused.


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