A Gold Plated Xbox One for that Special Gadget Lover in Your Life

Posted on Dec 17 2013 - 7:13pm by Robert

What do you buy for the gadget lover in your life who has, frankly, everything? They’ve already got the latest phone. Games consoles are piling up in their room and even their watch, their hat and their socks are probably smart these days.

Well, you could start by not being so miserable when it comes to the gaming gifts you give them. How can you expect this fine and delicate creature to enjoy their game playing time when they have to use a yucky plastic Xbox One like the commoners use? Instead, you  want to get yourself down to good old Harrods and splash the cash.

Once you get to the famous London store you will want to look for the gold-plated Xbox One they have on sale in time for Christmas. Hang on, did I remind you to take 6 grand with you?

A Little More Expensive than a Conventional One

goldThat’s right; while the cheap option is to splash out £429 for a conventional Xbox One, for a mere £5,571 more you can get one which is handily covered in gold.

If you like the sound of this shiny games console – and what sane person wouldn’t? – then there is some bad news. Only one of these items appears to be up for sale and by the time you read this the Queen or some Russian billionaire has probably snapped it up.

This is the latest in the current trend for gold-plated gadgets which we have seen in 2013. So far this year there has been a gold version of the Galaxy S4 and one of the HTC One.

What gadget what you like to see a gold-plated version of?


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