A Look at How the Internet has Changed

Posted on Mar 25 2011 - 1:33pm by Robert

The internet changes all the time, doesn’t it? Today’s success story is tomorrow’s sob story and nothing stays the same for more than a week, isn’t that right?

Well, actually it appears not to be the case anymore. The stunningly popular mini blogging site Twitter has just celebrated its 5th birthday, and that made us wonder whether some other things have been with us for longer that you might think. Have a look at these online dinosaurs.

Online Virus

1970 was the year when the Beatles split up, Jimi Hendrix played at the Isle of Wight Festival and Concord first broke the sound barrier. So how can it possibly also be the year when the first online virus was sent? Well, it was called Creeper and was sent over the network which was used by geeks before the internet appeared. While it was less frightening than current viruses it was still the very first one. Happily the first antivirus was developed the same year.

Search Engine

Do you remember 1991? The Gulf War was being fought while Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest (Carola – “Captured by a Stormwind”, since you ask) and Robert Maxwell fell overboard. Archie also made his appearance this year and while you might Google something these days back in the glory days of Carola your only choice would have been to Archie it. The world’s first search engine was a monster which used a huge amount of resources but it all had to start somewhere.

Internet Shopping

Kurt Cobain dies (or does he?), South African apartheid ends and the OJ Simpson saga begins. Did you guess the year? It was 1994 and while you didn’t have the almost limitless online shopping possibilities of just now you could, for the first time ever, buy a Pizza Hut pizza on the internet.

Blog Post.

The Motorola StarTac takes mobile phones form being bricks to being, well, small bricks really. The Canary Wharf bomb ends an IRA ceasefire and Sri Lanka win the Cricket World Cup. This was the year that was 1996 and the world’s first ever blog got posted online and started a craze that doesn’t look like ending anytime soon.


Now we are more up to date but strangely I can’t remember 2003 being the International Year of Freshwater, as being the year in which the world’s largest ever hailstone fell or even as bringing the opening of Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre. Neither do I remember going into YouTube, but it was launched that year with the not so stunning “Me at the Zoo” video posted by one of the co-founders.

Your Favourite Technology Site

2007 was the Year of the Dolphin, the year a 2,000 year old melon was discovered and also when Gadgets and Gizmos entered onto the online scene. It is good to know that our veteran site is in such good company among the other online wrinklies.

A New Search Engine

Albania joins NATO and swine flu sweeps the world. Yes, that was 2009 and the launch of the new Microsoft search engine Bing brought a new challenger to Google onto the scene. It has taken its time to grab people’s attention but is starting to win over a lot of users.

One in Every Four People Online

2010 was the year of another world cup disappointment, a mega solar eclipse and protests in Thailand. As regards the internet, the total number of worldwide users is believed to have passed 25% of the population, with close to 2,000,000,000 users. 420 million of them are in China.


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