A New iPhone Battery on the Way?

Posted on May 20 2016 - 12:19pm by Robert

The rumours about the upcoming iPhone 7 are growing all the time.

Certainly, with iPhone sales falling and doubts over the public’s appetite for another new model, it could be the perfect time to bring something new to the party. In that respect, the apparent leak of news of a bigger iPhone battery could be big news.

This rumour comes from Weibo, which is a Chinese social media site. The poster who revealed the details added photos, which they claim are from an Apple production line.

The photos show us a bigger battery than the one used in the iPhone &s and iPhone 6s Plus. It looks very much like the iPhone 7 will have a 1735 mAH capacity battery, which is an increase from 1715 mAH on the previous generation.

The bigger iPhone 7 Plus has a 2810 mAH battery according to the source, which is up from the 2750 mAH model from last time out.


However, while the initial reaction might be that this is great news in terms of a longer battery life, this isn’t something that can be automatically assumed. Despite the larger battery and increased capacity, how long it lasts will depend upon how efficient the phone’s other components are.

Apart from this change in the battery size, it isn’t expected that the new iPhone 7 will feature many major changes from the previous generation. Rumours swirling around just now include the removal of the headphone jack and possibly enhanced cameras.

Do you think that the new iPhone needs a better battery inside it or not?

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