A new video of the Sony PSP2

Posted on Jan 28 2011 - 1:30am by Thomas Sharp

Our patient wait for the Sony PSP 2 – which also goes by the name of New Generation Portable or NGP – has just been made a little bit more interesting with a stunning demo of the complete set of user controls for us to drool over.  

This information has been made public thanks to a demo video released by the online gaming people at Gamespot. The fine little video which they have gotten hold of gives us all the chance to look over the new handheld gaming device at our leisure, and very nice it is too.   

So what does the NGP have in the way of controls then? To start with there are two analogue sticks then a rather nice 5 inch touch screen, tilt sensitive gyroscopic controls and those all important, iconic PlayStation controls which are absolutely essential . This means that the PSP2 is absolutely jam packed with control options, of course.

The price of this fine little machine is still to be revealed by Sony, and it looks like it will be hitting the shelves at the end of this year. Previous rumours and leaks have confirmed that it should come with front and back cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity among its top features.

Another important aspect of the launch is going to be the range of new, compatible games which new purchasers will be able to get hold off right from the beginning. It seems that the release is likely to be timed to coincide with the launch of titles such as Wipeout, Hot Shots, Killzone and Little BigPlanet.  

So now we know just about all it seems that there is to find out about the PSP2. Or as there some surprises still to be revealed which will make us even more eager to get our hands on one?

Source: CNET

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  1. james January 28, 2011 at 1:54 am - Reply

    wheres the video????????

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