A Nikon study shows that most Brits don’t have hobbies

Posted on Jul 23 2011 - 7:10pm by Robert

Brits find it hard to have interests or hobbies outside of their work. Due to the lack of time, most people have no other activities aside from going to the pub or the gym. A new research conducted by Nikon UK found that less than a third of people in the UK have a regular hobby outside work. One in five said they wished they had more activities, which is pretty unsurprising as 27 percent of people felt that they want to improve or expand their social circle.

The study also shows that the most active regions in the UK are Edinburgh and Glasgow, with 42 percent of Scots having a regular hobby. The least active regions are found in the South West and Wales, where 24 percent of people have a regular pastime. About 83 percent of Brits said that they wish they could take up a hobby.

The most popular choice for hobbyists is photography, followed by running, jewelery design and cooking.

Nikon UK’s Group Marketing Manager Jeremy Gilbert said, “Hectic lifestyles are often an excuse for not having an interest, but having a regular hobby is a great way of relieving stress and promoting well-being by having a better work-life balance.”

“Photography is an ideal hobby because it can be done anytime, anywhere and with anyone. It’s also very creative so it gives people the opportunity to experiment and do different things as well as feeling like they are developing a noteworthy and interesting pastime that they can share with their friends and family,” he added.

Commenting on the study, psychologist Dr. Glenn Wilson said, “People in the UK are working harder than ever and ‘me’ time is fast dwindling – even when you’re relaxing at home you find yourself thinking about the washing, friends you need to call and that errand you said you’d run. When we hear other people talking about their hobbies and interests, it’s only natural to compare and find ourselves a little dull in comparison. This can negatively impact self-esteem, but finding a rewarding hobby can provide emotional benefits that positively impact confidence. And if we can do our hobbies with friends and family, all the better.”

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