A perfect pair of jeans for geeks?!

Posted on Apr 24 2008 - 2:37pm by Paul

Fashion Designer ‘Erik De Nijs’, has created a pair of jeans cleverly entitled “Beauty and the Geek” jeans. He explains “modern shaped trousers which are often worn by youngsters..”. The jeans have a keyboard along the front crotch, speakers stiched into the knees, in the back pocket is a “mouse”, and for you gamers out there, there is a joystick controller located just behind the front zipper.

This is thankfully just a proof of concept and are not available on the free market, Is that a good thing? yes, I’m not being funny when I say this but ‘dude’ get a laptop. This brings me to a more practical issue, What happens when you want to clean them? keyboard cleaner or will the washing machine suffice?

– G&G

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