A Slimmer Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 5 if new patent is used

Posted on Jan 14 2011 - 8:53pm by Richard Sharp

We have been covering lately quite a few of the top rumours about the design of the new iPad 2. While a lot of the rumours and speculation have been based on photos and videos on Chinese tech sites, or on the supposed new iPad 2 design seen at the recent CES 2011, the latest piece of information comes from a different source altogether.

One thing which is now becoming clear is that it has a very good chance of being slimmer and of having a better battery life than the first generation models.

We can say this because a hitherto unseen design sent to the US Patent and Trademark Office by Apple includes a different approach to the device’s conductive modes, a change which could benefit the new iPhone 5 models as well. The new idea isn’t actually that new, as the Patent Office received it in 2009, but it has only been revealed now and up until the present time it hasn’t be used on any of the Apple machines.

It seems from the patent application that the nodes will not only be smaller but that they will be positioned differently, with a new home not on the screen itself but somewhere close enough so that they could pick up your finger movements.  

This change could allow the technology used to be less cumbersome and space filling, therefore allowing the over package of the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 to be slimmer and lighter.

It is believed that this new approach could also work on other devices with include trackpads and clickwheels.

The chances of getting a slimmer iPhone 5 and iPad 2 and of it having an extended battery life sound extremely tantalising and we can only hope that these latest stories are proven to be true. How much longer will Apple keep us in suspense?

Source: Apple insider

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