A Spider That Isn’t Real But Looks Very Much Like It

Posted on Jul 23 2013 - 10:41am by Paul

The joy of scaring people with a fake spider is one of those pleasures of life which never seem to grow old. However, you can put away your cheap plastic spider now; a new robotic arachnid is in town and it looks pretty mean.

We might as well start with the bad news. This spider will set you back $1,350, which is a little over 900 pounds. That’s a lot of money for a robotic spider so what does the invention from the people at Robugtix have to offer?

spiderWell, it is called the T8 and the outer shell has been produced using a 3D printer. Under that shell there is a network of complicated electronics which makes it move in a way which has been described as being incredibly realistic. There are also a total of 26 different servo motors lurking under there, to make it get around. The robot uses the Bigfoot Inverse Kinematics Engine to move around but it can be controlled by its lucky owner using a remote control.

Will Get People Clambering Onto Chairs

The big, single eye is probably the biggest giveaway that this isn’t a real spider, but your friends, work colleagues and other victims are likely to be too busy clambering onto chairs and throwing shoes at it to pay much attention to its eye anyway.  The T8 comes out in September and that price we saw earlier is the pre-order amount. If you wait until it is on full release then you very own spider will cost you a bit more.

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