A Toe Tap Piano You Can See from the Moon?

Posted on Sep 10 2012 - 4:01am by Robert

What’s the largest toe tap piano you have ever seen? Maybe you have never seen a truly humungous toe tap piano but that sad fact could be about to change.

The crazy guys at Hammacher have decided to rip up the rule book and give us the world’s biggest toe tap piano. If an image comes into your head of a piano which can be seen from the Moon and which the entire population of Albania could dance on at the same time then you might be in for a bit of a disappointment, though.

The piano in question measures a fairly fine 10 feet in length and takes up 35 feet in overall dimensions. There won’t be astronauts looking out for it to get their bearings but it is fair to say that it is as much toe tap piano as most of us could handle.

Let the Kids Wear Themselves Out

The price in the US of A is given as hefty $80, which translates to a rather more affordable sounding £50 for those of us who like to see the Queen’s face on our cash. With Christmas coming up soon (oh yes it is) this is sure to be a popular choice with parents who want their kids to exhaust themselves as quickly as possible.

If you want to see your kids jump about and create some unusual new tunes then this could be a nice purchase, provided that their bedroom is big enough to fit it in. Of course, most parents will find themselves tempted to go mad with a Tom Hanks moment now and then.

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