A Vest That Massages on the Go

Posted on Jan 19 2016 - 3:18pm by Robert

Do you know that feeling when you really need a good massage but just don’t have the time for it? Well, it could be that AiraWear has the perfect solution for you.

They have developed a vest that is designed to slowly and carefully massage your shoulders and your back no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Their massaging vest goes under your clothes and it is so light and compact that no-one else will even know that you are receiving the benefits of a quality massage.

How It Works


So, how does it work? The people at AiraWear say that they have combined pieces of foam to make 6 pads that are then moved by pressure jets of air. These jets of air circulate in the vest and give you the fantastic feeling of a good massage. You can then control how hard the jets are and which areas they work most for you.

The word is that you can get a decent massage with this vest while you are walking about or doing other stuff. However, to get the best possible results it is recommended that you sit down while getting your massage.

Interestingly, you can control your massaging vest through an Android or Apple app. This can be used to set it to either relaxation or sleep mode. The battery is said to last for 3 hours, so hopefully that will be long enough for you to nod off while feeling the effects of the massage.

The vest can be pre-ordered now and the price tag looks to be around $250 (£172).

Would you like a vest that massages you whenever you want it to?

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