Acer launches new Predator gaming PC

Posted on Jun 30 2010 - 10:04am by simon

A new PC from Acer designed to entice the hardcore gaming crowd has been launched and the aptly named addition to the Predator range is certainly not for the casual user.

The new Predator shares the admittedly garish case of its stable mates, complete with a hinged front panel that resembles an alien battle mask and covers the bright orange face plate in a more reserved black.

Inside an Intel quad core i7 processor running at 2.8GHz lurks and its partnership with 12GB of DDR3 RAM and an NVIDIA 470 GTX graphics card make it suitably powerful from a hardware perspective. Acer has even thought about a sensible upgrade route by using a motherboard that can house two additional graphics cards for some ultra expensive expansion.

Acer has confirmed that the Predator is going to launch in the UK and if its US price is anything to go by it may hit the market at about £1300, although with all of the various additional costs there is a likelihood that the final price point will be far higher.

The Acer Predator is not a subtle machine, but then it is aiming to please gamers who like to drool over modded cases and acres of RAM and in this respect it is bang on target. If you are not a fan of PC building then this pre-made gaming package represents a pretty compelling reason to buy straight from the shelf rather than getting into assembly.

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