Acer P195HQlb 18.5 Widescreen Monitor Review

Posted on Jul 12 2010 - 9:54am by Rob

What qualities do you look for in a monitor? If a good sized screen, high definition picture quality and economic power consumption are on your wish list then join me for a look at the snappily titled Acer P195HQLb 18.5 Widescreen LED Monitor. Design

I like black gadgets. Some people prefer chrome or pink or whatever, but if God/Allah/Buddha/Shiva/Sir Clive Sinclair had wanted us to use chrome gadgets he/she wouldn’t have invented black plastic would he/she? This monitor has a nice, stylish look without being likely to cause severe chest pains or drooling.

Notable Specifications


Only joking. It has the connectivity options you need to connect to your PC, a wall mount and Kensington lock and a massive 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The clever bit is the back lighting, this means that your usage of power is kept very low at 15.8 watts with each operation. Save the planet and buy yourself a Cornish pasty with the savings. It’s what an American businessman might call a win win situation.


This is the good bit. You have probably already formed an idea of how much you would pay for this Acer P195HQLb 18.5 Widescreen LED Monitor. The figure you have in your head will depend on your current market knowledge, financial status and desperation for a new monitor. When I tell you the price you are either going to: a) angrily switch off the PC and curse me for leading you up the garden path, b) punch the air with delight and add to me to your list of favourite monitor reviewers, or c) shrug your shoulders nonchalantly and forget this review ever existed. £89.99 is the price I had in the sealed envelope. Did we match?


This is a very good monitor which gives an excellent image and consumes very little power. The key is the price, however. If you are currently in the market for a new monitor then your timing is good.

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