Acer Predator – The Hardcore Gaming Machine

Posted on Jul 2 2008 - 9:35pm by Richard Sharp

The Acer PredatorWhen it comes to PCs, gamers like to shout about it – after all, what’s the point in having the mutt’s nuts of a computer if it doesn’t look as good as it performs? The Acer Predator is the ideal gaming rig for even the most flamboyant owner. Having seen the way it looks it’s kind of difficult to even move onto the specs of what it carries under the wing-door hood.

Quad-core processor, as has become the standard of ultra high spec gaming PCs, power the big copper beast and a choice of graphics packages. The liquid cooling system will at least keep everything at an operational temperature and you also get a Blu-Ray drive and Dual LAN technology. Unfortunately, gaming computers also come with equally high end price tags, which is little surprise when you consider what they’re typically packing. A price range between £1,350 to more than £3,000 awaits potential Predator owners.

Gaming PCs, also useful for those that perform other processor and graphics heavy tasks, aren’t usually the PC of choice for your average home user and designs can look a little over the top on occasion but, you know that’s why we love them. At least you know that it should have the necessary kick to run Windows Vista without too much trouble.

Unfortunately, it seems like the whole of Europe, besides the UK, is getting them before a release date is even announced over here. Still, what’s a few extra pounds to have it delivered?

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