Acer X110 DLP Projector Review

Posted on Jul 14 2010 - 8:06am by Rob

A short list of my most embarrassing moments (part 1 of many).

1)    Boy mistakenly enters ladies toilets at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Boy hears woman’s voice, realises mistake and decides to wait in locked cubicle until she goes away. She doesn’t go away. More women arrive.

2)    More grown up but only slightly less foolish boy/young man orders fish in green sauce from dodgy Ecuadorian seaside restaurant. Compounds error by rashly buying ticket on long bus journey. Possibly still being chased by angry Ecuadorian Transport Cleaners Union members.

3)    Now even more grown up but still not sensible enough to avoid being ambushed into doing a presentation to a group of bankers in Milton Keynes. Projector dies, bankers get angry and our hero gets his car clamped by the office manager.

All of these stories are sadly true, but only one of them will never be repeated. Firstly, because I ain’t ever going back to MK. Secondly, because of the quality of projectors on offer now. For example….


This is a lovely little thing which is compact enough for you take with you to presentations but also good looking enough to make up a proud position in your living room.


Notable Specification

The Acer X110 DLP Projects offers a brightness of 2500 lumens and a mighty 4000:1 contrast ratio. All of which means that it gives a top quality image and performance.


Internet trawlers will be pleased to find special offers of 280 pounds out there, an excellent price for a projector such as this.


This Acer projector does a really good quality job. If you have to do presentations in different places you will really appreciate this machine. If you love watching movies you will really enjoy. If you do both these things then you probably already have one of these.

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