Activision nabs Bungie in decade-long distribution deal

Posted on May 5 2010 - 7:55am by simon

Bungie is known for its groundbreaking, console-selling Halo series, with exclusivity on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles allowing the platform and the games to triumph, but now a new deal with third party distributor Activision will see Bungie’s next project hitting multiple gaming platforms.

Activision has broken records recently with the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which took nearly £250 million in its first day and continues to sell well months after its launch in November 2009.

It is clear that Activision and Bungie are at the head of their respective fields and the deal will mean that both can reap the rewards of future releases.

Activision is responsible for releases on everything from the PS3 to the PC and even the Wii and hand held consoles. It is Bungie’s intention to promote its next-gen gaming franchise, which is still under wraps, across all of these platforms and it has chosen Activision to help it achieve this goal.

Activision has caused some controversy after it recently sacked a leading member of the team at Infinity Ward, the developer directly responsible for recent Call of Duty games. These sacking lead to many other staff members jumping ship and clearly an opening has emerged in the Activision books, which Bungie has conveniently filled.

How the deal will pan out over the next ten years remains to be seen, but when two of the gaming industry’s biggest names get together, there could be some serious market stirrings as a result and hopefully some decent games.

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