AGloves and TouchAbility Touch Screen Gloves Review

Posted on Jan 11 2013 - 4:39pm by Richard Sharp

The recent weather has been a real downer but has at least provided great conversation material (it’s kind of our thing in Britain). It has also provided ample opportunity to test drive some new winter technology and over the past three weeks we’ve looked at touchscreen gloves. We’ve been to Iceland and back in the meantime too, narrowing down two of the best pairs in the process.

Agloves – Gloves with a silver lining

Smart phones are great but come with a major winter hindrance because most won’t play well with regular gloves. The capacitive screens used on most smart phones and tablets rely on electrical pulses produced from the human body to work; regular gloves stop this pulse dead (not literally of course). But AGloves have silver thread woven through them which means you can use your phone whilst wearing them.

The major difference between these gloves and competitors is that the threads run through the glove. This means you can use your phone with any finger, thumb or even your palm if you felt the need. In short they worked fantastically, even when wet which is important in a temperate climate.

One niggle was that these gloves do not fair well with Velcro. Threads are easily pulled out when using the gloves, an example of one days worth of wear can be seen here. The build quality is still excellent though, just be sure to avoid catching them on Velcro ;-).

Touchability Gloves

The Touchability gloves work in a slightly different way to the AGloves. They have conducting finger tips instead of threads running through the glove. I found this worked well with my iPad but struggled when using iPhone because they aren’t as precise.

These gloves are nice and thick which makes them suitable for cold weather. They don’t suffer from Velcro wear either, just a few bobbles from a week or two of wear. The neat thing about these gloves is they come in a range of sizes (as do AGloves) and colours so you can pick an ideal pair to suit your style.

In summary we’d say these two are some of the best of the market and are closely matched. If we had to pick one though, the AGloves would win because of the precision when using. On the flip side the Touch Ability gloves are warmer and more hard-wearing, as we said they’re closely matched :-).

Thanks to Touch Screen Gloves for supplying the gloves for review.

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