Airties Air 4420 Brings Wireless Streaming to the Masses

Posted on Feb 24 2011 - 3:47pm by Richard Sharp

One of the hottest topics at the recent CES event and other tech shows was the connected home and part of this includes networked enabled devices like TV’s, set top players etc. These devices allow the homeowner to access video, photos, on demand services like the BBC iPlayer and more right on their DLNA enabled TV. Now we are sure most people would love to access these services but don’t have the know how to set it up, this is the main stumbling point of connected and smart TV’s.

Today Airties, who are huge in Turkey, have released the dual pack of their Air 4420 wireless device which we were lucky enough to demo on Tuesday. Basically you connect one of the devices to your wireless router and one to your network enabled TV or Player then press a button on both and hey presto you can access all the internet enabled services on your TV plus any pc’s media content on the network. If you have more than one TV or player you can simply add extra boxes (again installed with a touch of a button) creating a ‘mesh’ without loss of signal.

During the demo we managed to stream a football match on one TV, from a laptop to another TV in another room and using Plug player watched another film on our iPad. All with fluid, high quality picture. This is mainly due to the 5GHz 22 channel system that supports up to 300Mbps over wireless networks resulting in no choke points or slow downs.

Another nifty feature of the Air 4420 is the ability to connect an external USB drive, effectively creating a cost effective wireless NAS device. This allows users to drag and drop media onto the drive to be used even when their PC is off – a nice touch for a system in this price bracket.

When we asked Jim Lomax about future products he revealed that their IP players and set top box options would also be available in the UK in the future, this would effectively allow people to convert any existing TV into a media streamer with services like iPlayer and Lovefilm.

So if you want an easy way to connect your DNLA device to the internet without streaming issues it looks like the Airties system could do the job. Keep an eye out for our review later this week.

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