All Go! For PSP Owners

Posted on Apr 25 2008 - 2:16am by Richard Sharp

Sony PSP

Hot on the heels of the Go!Messenger service, Sony has announced that video download service Go!View will be released some time in summer. Sony is partnering with Sky to release the Go!View service.

Users will be able to download TV episodes, films, and other content to watch while on the go. In true Sky style, the service will be released with a subscription and a pay-per-view price package so users have the freedom of how they want to pay as well.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this release is that it’s the first official video download service available to European PSP owners. While no specific details have been leaked yet regarding the actual content that will be available, the listings should be pretty comprehensive and will almost definitely include the latest incarnation of Lost and 24.

While no firm release date has been announced, Sky and Sony have declared that it will be released some time in summer. Users will need to register first, then download content onto their PC, and then transfer it on to their PSP at a later time. It’s possible that a similar service may also be released for other handheld devices but, guess what? No official word on this has been released yet.

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