Amazon Breaks Grand Theft Auto 5 Embargo

Posted on Sep 17 2013 - 9:40pm by Robert

It is hard to believe that the original Grand Theft Auto game is now 16 years old. Since that 1997 release the series of games has sold over 125 million copies, with the new game being hugely anticipated by fans of the all action racing games. This is the first new instalment since 2009 and the world is ready for more driving mayhem.

However, some lucky gamers got their fix of controversial, borderline sleazy action unexpectedly early this time around. The game’s developers, Rockstar North, had put an embargo on the sale of Grand Theft Auto 5 until the 17th of September but it turns out that Amazon delivered a number of copies before this date. A spokesman for the internet shopping site said that only “a small number” of customers had got the game early and that they are investigating what went wrong with the delivery system to make this happen.

Character Switches and Lots of Heists

gtaAs for the game itself, the fact that you can switch between 3 different characters during the game is sure to be one of the big talking points among gamers. The different missions on GTA 5 are rated as being between Bronze and Gold and there are a plenty of mini activities to keep you busy. The highlights of GTA5, however, are the action packed heist missions. Reviews so far have been generally positive and it seems as though there is life in the old format yet.

Have you played GTA5 yet? What do you think of it?

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