Amazon Download Sale – 39p Per Track

Posted on May 16 2009 - 1:36am by Richard Sharp

Amazon Downloads 30p Per TrackIf you’re on the look out for cheap, popular music then the relatively fledgling Amazon download store is apparently the place to hit at the moment with the price of a single currently cheaper than that of a single more than 40 years ago (none of the “good old days” nonsense this time around, eh?). While the music industry at large might try to tell us that this is a bad thing, and it will certainly mean less and less royalties for the artists, what it means in real terms to you and I is that we can purchase singles from the top 100 download list for an impressively low 29p per track.

Of course, another major loser from this is likely to be Apple’s iTunes service, who recently removed the rigidity from their own pricing to offer a sliding pricing mechanism between 59p and 99p per track. While that may work out cheaper in some cases than the previous flat 79p per track, it is still some way short of Amazon’s deflated prices.

As a legal music downloader, you’re far from short of options and the Times Online estimates that there are currently more than 50 websites and services where you can legally download tracks for a cost. Unfortunately, not all download sites are created equally and you may be hard pressed to find one that fits all of your needs. Itunes may have its knockers but the software is fairly intuitive and easy to navigate while the ability to now download mp3 files is also a vast improvement. However, Amazon’s own service is not that far behind in terms of ease of use or ease of navigation and with these prices it is certainly worth a try.

Source – Times Online

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