Amazon may unveil its tablet on September 28

Posted on Sep 26 2011 - 11:47pm by Julius

It looks like Amazon will unveil its first tablet this week as invites for an event in New York on September 28 have been sent out. While the invites did not say what the company is planning to unveil, it is possible that the company will finally announce its long-awaited tablet that is said to give Apple’s iPad some serious competition.

Reports suggest that that the company has two tablets in the works, the smaller 7-inch Cayote and the 10-inch quad-core Hollywood. It is said that Amazon will first unveil the smaller device, and the Hollywood will be released in 2012.

In July, a report from the Wall Street Journal said that a tablet from Amazon will arrive before October, while other expect it to be released later. It remains to bee seen if the company will announce the tablet on September 28.

While Motorola and Samsung are trying to fight the iPad in the tablet game, Amazon seems to be in a better position due to its better support environment.

Last Month, Sarah Rotman Epps, an analyst from Forrester, said that an Amazon tablet could take on the iPad if it offered the right price. She said that it is like “David taking on Goliath” given the market cap, profits, and cash position of the two companies. But Amazon has a strong brand-name recognition, cloud services, and the Kindle line, among other things, making it “the only credible iPad competitor in the market.”

Do you think Amazon will unveil a new tablet?


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