Amazon to sell their tablets at a much lower price?

Posted on Aug 15 2011 - 5:25pm by Julius

Amazon is seemingly aiming to get the top spot in the tablet race. It has been reported that Amazon will be releasing their own Android-powered tablets, and even before its official confirmation, the tablet has been gaining popularity.

Little is known about the Amazon tablets but it is suspected they  will carry a 7 or 10-inch touch screen display. It is also said to run on a multi-core processor from either Texas Instruments or Nvidia.

The tablet has not even been officially announced yet, but some analysts are already guessing the price of the upcoming tablet. According to Tim Bajarin, an analyst from Creative Strategies, Amazon might be able to grab hold of the market if they are going to sell their products for a low price, starting at around £150 ($249). This might seem a little bit foolish, but he said that if Amazon plays it right, it coup recoup its losses with the sale of ebooks, music, apps and videos via their online market shelves.

“By my guesstimates, Amazon would make back that loss within six months and reap a profit of anywhere from 10 to 30 percent on the tablet over the last 18 months of the device’s accounting period,” said Bajarin.

With no solid news yet on the tablets, it would be difficult to make estimate how much is the company going to spend on its manufacturing. Since people are now reluctant to purchase apps, it shouldn’t be too surprising if the company sells the tablets at a higher price than the estimate.


via: PC Mag

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