Amazon Vaguely Boasts Millions’ of Kindle E-Readers Sold

Posted on Dec 15 2010 - 12:12am by Richard Sharp

Have you heard the great news? Amazon has released sales figures for their Amazon Kindle – they say they have sold… Millions – that’s as clear as mud!

The last few weeks have been all about sales numbers, all the big brands have been releasing all sorts of figures. Call of Duty: Black Ops sold 1.4 million copies on the first day, Sony had sold 4.1 million Move units by the end of November and Microsoft expects to sell 5 million Kinect units before the year is out. So today’s announcement by Amazon was more than a little underwhelming.

So is Amazon just being secretive? Are they remaining modest off the back of huge sales or are they embarrassed by their results. Today’s announcement really didn’t reveal much. The vague statement said “…in just the first 73 days of this holiday quarter, we’ve already sold millions of our all-new Kindles with the latest E Ink Pearl display.”

So the announcement didn’t really reveal numbers, the statement continued “In the last 73 days, readers have purchased more Kindles than we sold during all of 2009. We’re grateful for and energized by the overwhelming customer response.”

Again this is a little vague seeing as Amazon didn’t reveal sales figures of the original Kindle, we doubt sales are low so wonder why Amazon aren’t shouting about their stats – perhaps they don’t need to.

What’s your take on the Amazon sales announcement?

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  1. Davey December 27, 2010 at 6:34 pm - Reply

    Will someone explain to me what this thing does? I can see that it does not appear to be a talking book for the partially sighted. Is it some kind of mobile phone that is optimised for texting? (We don't all live on the Tottenham Court Road you know)

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