An Underwater Phone With Underwater TV

Posted on Jun 23 2008 - 4:34pm by Richard Sharp

Fujitsu F706i Underwater CameraThere’s all sorts of underwater equipment available, a lot of which has reasonable applications. A mobile phone that works under water and includes a TV tuner that works to a distance of 6 metres is perhaps a little limited in its genuine uses, though. Despite that, Fujitsu has launched one anyway, just in case somebody out there feels the need to watch underwater.

We’re not quite sure how good the mobile reception is going to be when you’re scuba diving with the fishies but the 2MP camera may come in handy for shooting the glorious technicolour sights. Perhaps it has its uses in the bath (we’re referring now to the underwater TV capabilities, and not the underwater camera capabilities) because some of the features of the phone are pretty good.

2.7” display, full featured web browser, and media player are pretty good and as it’s waterproof to 6 metres, unless you have an incredibly deep bath then you really should be OK to browse the web and watch or listen to your favourite media files while you splash around with your special rubber duck.

It’s little surprise to learn that the phone is essentially being trialled in Japan, where they will basically buy anything that uses new technology or incorporates a new use to old technology. If the trial is successful, and we see no reason why it won’t be, then the phone will be released elsewhere in the world.


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