Android 3.0 on Hold as Honeycomb gets 2.4 Branding

Posted on Dec 17 2010 - 11:13pm by Richard Sharp

News has emerged that the hotly anticipated Android Honeycomb will be released in February 2011, not as Android 3.0 but 2.4 instead – Which if true is much like Android Gingerbread, which was also tipped to be branded as 3.0.

An external software programmer leaked the information to Androidandme who explained that their source preferred to remain anonymous but is credible and ‘trustworthy’ all the same.

Honeycomb has always been assumed to be 3.0 branded but perhaps the powers that be from Google have decided to save that for a much larger release – either that or they may just work their way through until they get to the magic number  naturally.

As mentioned earlier 2.3 Gingerbread was also hotly tipped to be branded as 3.0, the current version is only available on the Nexus S Smartphone at the moment but is due to be rolled out on other handsets in the near future.

Predictably Google has yet to actually confirm or deny the rumours but they have already released details of the future version of Android – Ice Cream. Now that sounds like a name worthy of 3.0 branding (yummy too).

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