Android Text Message Bugs Fixed by Google

Posted on Jan 9 2011 - 3:29pm by Richard Sharp

For over six months now sporadic complaints and reports of text messages going astray have been appearing on the Google Android Forums. Understandably there are situations where text messages being sent to the wrong recipient could prove to be rather embarrassing, some users have reported such problems and Google engineers have now come up with a fix.

After months of forum posts the issue was elevated to ‘high priority’ a few days ago. At first the bugs were played down as it was not a ‘persistent problem’ and after an investigation had been held engineers managed to replicate and fix the bugs. The reply said “It took us some time to reproduce this issue, as it appears that it’s only occurring very rarely. Even so, we’ve now managed to both reproduce it and develop a fix that we will deploy.”

Android users who have experienced problems will feel relieved, one user reported sending a text message asking a friend if they were out, only to have it sent out to multiple members of his phonebook over the next four days prompting them into thinking he ‘was on a bender’. Other occurrences were equally embarrassing with some users refraining from sending risqué or personal text messages for fear of them going to other people in their phonebooks.

The forum reply from Google ended with “While we don’t anticipate any persistent problems, we’ll continue to investigate in case we come up with additional ways to trigger these bugs. Thanks again for helping us improve Android”.

Fixes and patches will be rolled out where necessary, the small number of problems were from the US with no known problems from the UK. Have you noticed any text messages go astray?

Via: Tech Radar

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  1. O O November 23, 2011 at 7:18 pm - Reply

    Yes – I have this problem all the time with my new Droid 2!
    I just had it happen and was Googling the problem when I found your article.
    This time it was too embarrassing to let go. I was in the middle of a "textversation" with my boyfriend … and somewhere along the way, my texts started getting sent to one of my professors.
    When I brought it up with a colleague, he said he was having the same problem: he was textversing with his wife about a .. ahem .. attractive dress she was wearing the night previously, and suddenly the messages started going to his office assistant.
    It wasn't a problem when it was bland regular "you on your way?" messages, but now it's getting like this article says!: too risky to send lovey messages to my bf cuz I have no idea where they'll end up!

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