Angry Birds 2 in Development According to Leaked Screenshots

Posted on Jan 26 2011 - 1:21am by Thomas Sharp

Angry Birds is the favourite game of lots of smartphone users, and many people are no doubt eagerly awaiting the follow up to this fun and addictive app. Recently we’ve had to make do with the Halloween version, the advent calendar add-on and the soon to be launched St Valentine’s Day special to keep us happy.

However, some newly leaked screenshots suggest that a fabulous new app, rather uninspiringly called Angry Birds 2 for the moment, could be hitting our screens in the very near future.

These shots have appeared on German TV and seem to show the good people at Rovio working on an update to the smash hit game. The new levels appear to be a lot more detailed and better looking, although the aim of the game and the controls seem not to have altered very much (thank goodness).

An earlier rumour had suggested the Angry Birds 2 could see the pigs taking a central role, but the latest screenshots seem to show us that this is not the case. This theory goes back to Rovio’s chief executive, Peter Vesterbacka, saying at the end of last year that the new app wouldn’t be a sequel and that we could expect to “see a lot more of the pigs” and that they would be a “lot more active” than in the original game. It is not clear from the current sneak preview what he was driving at with those comments.

Earlier rumours from the developing company also suggested that the game would first be launched on the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, although we are still waiting on official confirmation as to when it will finally be launched on each different format.

So what would you prefer, a radical new approach or basically an enhanced version of the original Angry Birds?

Via: T3 Source: CVG

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