Angry Birds Franchise Hits 200 Millionth Download

Posted on May 18 2011 - 6:39pm by Robert

It only seems like yesterday that Rovio were celebrating the 100 millionth download of their blockbuster, Angry Birds. Since then the franchise has grown somewhat with online editions, seasonal upgrades and of course the Spring hit that was (and still is) Angry Birds Rio.

These additions have allowed the brand to smash the 200 million download mark and its showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.
The Angry Birds franchise started life on the iPhone, since then it has made the leap to Android, Blackberry and Nokia handsets. Apps have appeared on the Mac app store and even on Facebook. Despite this market saturation it seems there is still growth to be gained from Angry Birds.

In fact Rovio has spilled the beans for future plans of expansion, in a statement they said they are, “busy [creating] a social game around Angry Birds, expanding to new areas of entertainment business, and preparing for more growth throughout 2011.” This statement fits in well with its previous movement online, both website based and of course on Facebook.

What would you like to happen with the Angry Bird games, do you think there really is still room for growth?

via: Pocket Gamer

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