Angry Birds not Landing on WP7 Until Late June

Posted on May 19 2011 - 2:34pm by Thomas Sharp

Windows Phone 7 owners will have to wait a little longer for Angry Birds and a few other top end games despite previous announcements from Microsoft which suggested they would arrive next week.

In February Microsoft announced a major overhaul of their mobile operating system which would include advances in gaming, this is still happening and will bring some cool new titles to the table including Hydro Thunder Go on 25th May. Doodle Jump will be available on 1st June with other titles rolling out each week after including GeoDefence on 8th June and sonic the Hedgehog on 15th June.

This is probably a marketing ploy on Microsofts part as they can spread out hot titles each week, building suspense rather than putting their eggs all in one basket (pardon the pun) by launching them all at the same time.

As for Angry Birds? Well, WP7 owners will have to wait until 29th June, over a month later than expected with no explanation from Microsoft.

Via: BGR

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