Angry Birds Rio Lands – Free Birds, Kill Monkeys with Monthly Updates!

Posted on Mar 22 2011 - 2:49pm by Richard Sharp

Angry Birds Rio has officially flown the nest and landed on iOS for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad today and it has us all of a flutter – birds puns are literally flying all over the place! For 59p users can download the new game from the Apple app store, which actually is fantastic value as it comes with 15 levels per month all the way up to November 2011.

You start off in the smugglers Den, a warehouse full of old bird cages, dangling lights and even a spinning extractor fan on the wall – it’s a whole lot more polished and looks great. The initial levels are newbie friendly with each bird type being introduced on dedicated levels progressing on to using mixed birds as in the original game.

Unlike Angry Birds, Rio focuses on setting your friends free. Some are in standard cages whilst others are in strengthened ones that require a direct hit to break open allowing your feathered friends to fly to freedom.

Jungle Escape also includes 15 new levels, unlike the first set this involves splatting some evil monkeys. Unlike Angry Birds these monkeys are animated, if you knock over a tower they will do a road runner like scoot to try and escape – which of course they don’t. Whilst they are falling their eyes enlarging and they even let out squeaks and shrieks.

Here are some screenshots with some explanations of new features:

[imagebrowser id=51]

The game is also available for iPad in glorious HD for £1.79.

What do you make of the game?

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