Angry Birds Tops iPhone App Charts And Could Become A Movie

Posted on Aug 30 2010 - 10:41pm by Matt Jackson

There was once a time when a game/movie tie-in was quite unusual and almost always ended up in disaster. Although, in all honesty, games made into movies tended to fare better than cross-overs in the other direction. Then, along came next gen consoles dragging gamers out of the gutter where they once had to hide and everything went a bit mainstream. The end result was considerably cooler games made from film licenses.

It should come as little suprirse then that the most popular iPhone app in most parts of the world, a ridiculously addictive game called Angry Birds, could possibly be turned into a movie and a toy. And yet, somehow, it seems like a weird move even by a Finnish iPhone game developer.

The game has proven a massive hit just about everywhere and at 99c it’s fairly easy to see why. There are a multitude of levels (over 180 in the latest version, in fact) that players can unlock which keep people like me coming abck for more and the game physics are surprisingly and impressively accurate.

You can even play online, submit your score to worldwide leaderboards, and a whole lot more – seriously impressive for just 99c. With that said, the game has nearly a quarter of a million ratings which means you can probably assume several million dollars’ worth of sales.

The trailer for Angry Birds has been viewed more than 5 million times on YouTube and the company responsible want to make the most of the games success. They’re fervently trying to find a company that can produce and create a movie of the game quickly to get it out and selling before the hype dies down. They also want to tell the Angry Birds story via the medium of cartoon and possibly create a popular line of Angry Birds based toys.

Have you been busy blowing up pigs with chickens?

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