Angry Birds Valentine’s Release in The Next Week

Posted on Feb 6 2011 - 5:43pm by Thomas Sharp

Angry Birds is arguably the most popular mobile game of all time with various versions spanning a range of platforms. It is therefore no surprise that this mammoth series that has enjoyed Halloween and Christmas versions will also gain a Valentines edition too.

We blogged a couple of weeks ago about the upcoming release which we now know will be called ‘Hogs and Kisses’ and will be tricked out with a suitably valentine’s attire including cupid’s arrows being fired by those pesky pigs.  The game will also have flying blocks, many hearts and if these pictures are anything to go by a pink colour scheme.

If rumours are true this expansion pack will roll out for iOS devices within the next week in preparation for Valentines Day, previously it was suggested that the release date would actually be on Valentines Day with an earlier date probably being better as it provides greater longevity.

It’s still unclear whether this level pack will be included as part of the previous seasons pack or will carry its own price.

Do you think it should come as part of the Seasons pack? Will you be happy to pay for it if not?

Source: Android community

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